14-year-old girl and Mum save Neighbours from Petrol Bomb Attack

A smashed bottle and a rag soaked in petrol were left behind as a man fled the scene.Joanne Hopkins, 44, with daughter Rosie Moran, 14, who raised the alarm when they saw a suspected petrol bomber outside a neighbour’s property. A 14-year-old schoolgirl raised the alarm when she saw a suspected petrol bomber outside her neighbour’s home.

Rosie Moran noticed a man, dressed all in black, acting suspiciously outside the mid-terraced property in Edith Road,  Wallasey , shortly after midnight on Saturday August 10.The teenager said she “knew the man was getting up to something” and ran to tell her mum Joanne Hopkins.Rosie said: “I saw the man leaning over the wall and I knew he was getting up to something.”The couple who live there have been targeted before when their car was smashed up.”After alerting her mum to what she had seen, Joanne and her daughter rushed outside to question the man – who immediately fled.Mum Joanne said: “The man was standing outside the house, all dressed in black with his hood up.

“We ran out and could smell loads of petrol. I said, what are you doing? and he ran off.”There was a smashed bottle outside with rag soaked in petrol, as if someone was going to petrol bomb the house.”We didn’t know if it was going to go off so we told the couple to stay inside and called the police.”I did what any normal person would do. It scared us. I’ve lived here all my life and nothing like this has ever happened here.”Sheikh Masum and Shafna Begum, who are of Bangladeshi heritage, live at the address where the suspected petrol bomber was seen.

Sheikh Masum, who is the imam at Wallasey Islamic Cultural Centre, said they were watching TV when they heard a noise outside, followed by a strong smell of petrol.He said: “We are now scared at night-time.”It didn’t just affect me. If anything had happened and the house had caught fire, it could have affected the houses nearby.”We’ve thanked the neighbours who live opposite for raising the alarm.”Merseyside Police said the bottle did not ignite and nobody was injured, although minor damage was caused to a window.

They said CCTV enquiries and witness enquiries were ongoing.Detective Inspector Laura Lamping said: “Thankfully there was no serious damage or any injuries caused, but the consequences of this incident could have easily been catastrophic for any occupants and those at neighbouring properties.”We believe that the incident was targeted but are keeping an open mind at this stage to the motive.”Our CCTV and witness enquiries are ongoing so if you have heard any information or saw anyone acting suspiciously around midnight or just before, come forward and we will take action. Check any home CCTV too as this may provide significant information.”We are determined to find those responsible for putting our communities at risk and bring them to justice.”  

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